Sport, they reckon, is the most important of all the trivial things in life. And nowhere are the trivial things in sport more important than on the Baker and Kelly show.

Make this your weekly appointment to celebrate football and other sports from a supporter's perspective, with conversation and terrace tales you won’t find anywhere else on TV.

Join the two Dannys every Friday as they shun transfer tittle-tattle to focus on what it really means to be a fan - the music, the memories, the cult heroes and the terrible tailbacks on the A38.

This show is not a phone-in ... it's Baker & Kelly's VSPO (which may or may not stand for "Vaguely Sporting Phone-Out"). 

Here’s how to get involved: Jump on board Baker and Kelly’s themes and send us your stories, observations, musings and brilliantly funny sporty stuff. We’ll be mining your vaguely sporting gold all week and on Friday’s live show 6-7pm we might ring you up as one of our phone outs...

Twitter: @bakerkellyBTS


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