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BT Sport Ultimate: Everything you need to know

What is BT Sport Ultimate? How can I get it? What platforms is it available on? What sports and competitions does it cover? All these questions, and more, are answered here.

What is BT Sport Ultimate?​

BT Sport Ultimate is a new channel providing the very best viewing experience available, whatever platform you are watching on. 

Broadcast technology is constantly evolving and BT Sport is at the forefront of innovation.

With images delivered at 50 frames per second, fast-moving action appears in pin-sharp detail, meaning sport is viewed in perfect clarity.

BT Sport Ultimate delivers pictures and sound in ultra-high definition (UHD), high dynamic range (HDR) and - exclusively via BT TV - Dolby Atmos sound, depending on which platform viewers are using. 

Recognising the increasing use of mobiles to watch live sport, HDR transforms the sports viewing experience on mobile devices, maximising the colour and definition capabilities of smartphones and tablets.

How do I get BT Sport Ultimate? 

Existing customers can sign up to BT Sport Ultimate by following the steps here and selecting our Max 4K TV package. 

If you're not yet a BT Sport customer we can get you signed up in just 15 minutes right here.

The UK’s first 5G network, EE 5G, will be the only place to get free access to BT Sport Ultimate.

What will be shown on BT Sport Ultimate?​

The majority of BT Sport's 52 Premier League matches, a selection of English home Champions League and Europa League matches and much, much more to come in the months ahead.  

What devices can I get BT Sport Ultimate on?​

BT Sport Ultimate is available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via the award-winning BT Sport small screen app.

Subscribers can also enjoy selected programming in stunning 4K UHD with HDR via the following large screen devices: Samsung smart TVs, Xbox One games consoles and Chromecast Ultra streaming devices.

Ultimate will ensure the maximum possible viewing experience for users - whatever the device they are using - dependent on the device model and internet connectivity.

What channel is BT Sport Ultimate on?​

BT Sport Ultimate replaces BT Sport 4K UHD on both BT TV and Virgin Media. On BT TV, Ultimate will be channel 433 and on Virgin Media it will be on channel 531.

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