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BT Sport Supporters Club: Jake takes on powerchair football with Norwich City as part of the BT Disability

As part of BT's Disability initiative we have raised money for powerchair football which has grown as a sport with the help of funding. Here, BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey meets with Norwich City powerchair football club captain Mike Coleman.

Norwich City Community Sports Foundation Trustee and BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey takes on powerchair football in the latest BT Sport film about the Premier League and BT Disability initiative.

Jake meets Norwich City participant and powerchair football club captain Mike Coleman to see how he got involved in the sport.

The film, which premieres during Premier League Tonight on Saturday 27 October and also features former Norwich City footballer Simon Lappin, focuses on how Mike, who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, has gone from participant to powerchair football coach with the help of the programme.

Through the BT Sport and Premier League funding, the organisation has increased its participant numbers significantly since 2014.

Norwich City Foundation are now at the point where they have two regional teams competing in the South East Powerchair Football League and a team back in the Muscular Dystrophy UK National League for the first time in 5 years.

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