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BT Sport celebrates the more than £7million raised by The Supporters Club in its five-year history

Find out more about BT Sport’s charitable initiative, The Supporters Club, and the brilliant work done over the last five years in our new film.

BT Sport takes a look back at the brilliant work The Supporters Club has done over the past five years, which has seen BT Sport’s charitable initiative raise more than £7million for projects which use sport to improve young lives.

The film features several stories including that of Zamzam from The Running Charity, which has been funded by BT Sport customers’ donations. She competed at the London Olympic Games for Somalia in the Women’s 400m but she and her family received death threats because of her belief that women should be able to compete on the same level as men.

As a result, she was unable to return home and eventually moved into a shelter for homeless young people in London. In the film, she talks openly about how The Running Charity staff and participants are her new family and support network.

The Supporters Club was set up as BT Sport’s charitable initiative. Its aims are to create a better future for young people facing incredibly tough challenges.

The money raised through the Supporters Club has been able to support over 70 projects, both in the UK and internationally, that are changing young lives.

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