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15 photos of new signings being unveiled that prove transfers were better in the 90s

Cheesy grins out, props at the ready.

15 photos of new signings being unveiled that prove transfers were better in the 90s

Back in the 90s, no transfer was truly complete until the player in question had been photographed looking joyful or bored or ridiculous.

These days, superstar players think they’re too good to hold up a hard hat or pose with a massive Christmas cracker, but that wasn’t always the case.

Here’s our guide to 90s transfer unveilings.

1. Starting with the basics, it was important to get your stance right. A casual lean against a goalpost was a firm favourite.

Steve Watson is unveiled as an Aston Villa player
(David Jones/PA)

“Hi, I’m Steve Watson. No big deal.”

2. Or just a coy look to the camera over the shoulder, like you’re in a shampoo advert.

Freddie Ljungberg is unveiled as an Arsenal player
(Rebecca Naden/PA)

You’re worth it, Freddie.

3. “Ta-da!”

George Boateng is unveiled as an Aston Villa player
(Steve Mitchell/EMPICS)

“Guys? Guys…?”

4. You’ve just secured your big move – why not bring your parents along?

Lee Bowyer and his parents pose at Elland Road
(John Giles/PA)

You must be very proud, Mr and Mrs Bowyer.

5. Or if your parents are busy, bring your girlfriend instead.

Fernando Nelson and his girlfriend at Aston Villa
(David Jones/PA)

Points to you if you recognised Fernando Nelson. Double points if you recognised his girlfriend Maria Jose.

6. Clearly we’ve just included this for Kevin Keegan’s red blazer.

Kevin Keegan and Les Ferdinand at Nrewcastle

But look, this is clever – Kevin Keegan is pointing at row KK, and row LL is being pointed at by Les Lerdinand.

7. This was the sort of fuss they made about Nigel Quashie back in the 90s.

Nottingham Forest manager Dave Bassett introduces new signing Nigel Quashie to the crowd
(Steve Mitchell/EMPICS)

The Premier League didn’t have the likes of Sergio Aguero and Diego Costa back then so we had to get excited about Nigel Quashie.

8. Tell you what you never get at unveilings these days… props.

Brian Deane is unveiled as a Leeds player
(Paul Marriott/EMPICS)

Presumably because Brian Deane was a sharp shooter…? He wasn’t, but still.

9. But we’ve no idea what Peter Beardsley’s hard hat symbolises here.

Peter Beardsley is unveiled as a Newcastle player
(Rui Vieira/EMPICS)

Possibly there was just some building work going on or something.

10. Here’s Jurgen Klinsmann, full of Christmas cheer.

Jurgen Klinsmann beibng unveiled as a Tottenham player
(Barry Bland/EMPICS)

For anyone under the age of 25, the manager is Christian Gross. Ask your parents about his tube ticket.

11. If you didn’t have real guns like Deane did, you had to improvise.

Julian Dicks is unveiled as a Liverpool player

Do you think by any chance Julian Dicks enjoyed his hard man image?

12. Feeling punchy, Duncan?

Duncan Ferguson is unveiled as a Rangers player
(Jeff Holmes/EMPICS)

Not quite sure what’s going on here at Ferguson’s Rangers unveiling, but he seems to be threatening to take on all-comers.

13. Back in the 90s, it was always important to look cool.

Roberto Di Matteo is unveiled as a Chelsea player
(Sean Dempsey/PA)

Nailed it.

14. “What’s that? You want me to take my shirt off? No problem.”

David Ginola is unveiled as a Tottenham player
(Peter Jordan/PA)

“No David, we didn’t ask you to… oh, he’s done it again.”

15. But it wasn’t all glamour and fun. Sometimes it was just two miserable men in a godforsaken office in Manchester.

Uwe Rosler is unveiled as a Manchester CIty player
(Paul Marriott/EMPICS)

We miss you, 90s transfers.