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Which 10 WWE superstars deserve a push in 2020?

Early January is always the time to make new year’s resolutions and for us at BTSport.com, we hope the following superstars are given the chance to shine over the next 12 months as WWE arrives on BT Sport.

With WWE’s arrival on BT Sport bringing in the new year in style, we’ve had a look at which superstars need a bit more love in 2020.

With the battle for championship glory arguably as competitive as it's ever been, some superstars will inevitably be ushered towards prominence by the promotion's creative decision-makers.

With BT Sport your new home for Raw, SmackDown and NXT, we’ve gone through the rosters to pick out who we believe deserves that push over the next 12 months.

John Morrison

There’s only one place to start and that is with the return of The Guru of Greatness after an eight-year hiatus from the WWE Universe. As excited as we are?

You should be, because the four-time WWE Tag Team Champion’s unique brand of high-risk aerial moves and attention-grabbing entrances are must watch. Don't be surprised if Morrison lights up WWE in 2020.


Kevin Owens

With his recent move back to Raw following an epic Ladder Match with Shane McMahon, it feels like the time has come for KO to fully assume that Stone Cold mantle.

The brewing feud between Owens and Seth Rollins looks set to dominate Raw in the early weeks of 2020 and we’re hoping that’s the springboard the outspoken Canadian has been waiting for. 

Rey Mysterio

Having briefly recaptured his United States Championship last year, we're hoping the legendary superstar could be set for one last title reign before breaking fans’ hearts by retiring.

The Ultimate Underdog has been at the centre of some of the greatest battles in WWE history and if his decorated past is anything to go by, his long farewell could come to define 2020.

Drew McIntyre

It was an up and down 2019 for the Scotsman, who was embroiled in several feuds, from taking on The Shield to regular clashes with Roman Reigns, before allying with Shane McMahon.

With Shane-O getting fired after losing to Owens, McIntyre has since been drafted by Raw and what the future holds for him is seemingly up in the air. One thing is for sure, it’s watch this space!


Big E

You could argue that 2019 was Kofi Kingston’s year, with the New Day becoming record five-time Tag Team Champions and finally getting his shot, and ultimately his hands, on the WWE Championship belt.

So perhaps it’s now time for his New Day brother to take centre stage? Since returning from a knee injury he suffered shortly after WrestleMania 35, Big E has enjoyed singles success that we hope continues into this year.


When his homecoming was confirmed in November, the Irishman labelled the current state of SmackDown as “pathetic” and vowed to ravage anyone who stands in his way.

Having called out several superstars by name, the intrigue around the Celtic Warrior’s return is huge – both in terms of what is in store and how well he has recovered from his long-term neck injury.

Mustafa Ali

A whirlwind 12 months has seen Ali truly rise to prominence on the show, competing with the likes of Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan as he chases the WWE Championship.

In recent weeks his partnership with Shorty G has caught the eye, with the pair showing real natural chemistry, and it could be that the Chicago native turns his attention to that division in 2020.


Shayna Baszler

The Queen of Spades was one of the faces of the NXT charge at the back end of 2019, becoming the first superstar to invade SmackDown in the lead up to the iconic Survivor Series war.

In the triple threat champions match against Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and her Smackdown rival Bayley, Baszler was victorious but having recently lost her NXT Women's Championship, we’re excited to find out what the next 12 months hold for the former UFC fighter.

Keith Lee

Lee’s stock has gradually been on the rise throughout 2019 and his crowning moment was undoubtedly his performance in the men’s elimination match at Survivor Series.

Having proven he can cut it with the best in the business, the public backing for the former American football hopeful reached new heights and he will be hoping the WWE want to cash in on that momentum.

Rhea Ripley

Having debuted on the main roster at 2019’s Royal Rumble, entering the women's main event at number 24, it’s certainly been a breakout year for the Australian in terms of the wider WWE Universe and there’s nothing to suggest that success won’t continue.

Her crowning moment came when she defeated Shayna Baszler to win the NXT Women's Championship, becoming the first superstar to have been both NXT UK and NXT Women’s Champion.

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