Word play

'Exciting', 'inexperienced' and 'disappointing'. Are those the three words you'd use to sum up the England team? Cambridge University have found the three most-used words to describe each World Cup side. No surprises when it comes to Uruguay.

Semi-final gets the brush-off

There's no point in glossing over it - Argentina v Holland was not a classic whichever way you looked at it.


Cheer up Pablo, you won!

While they were tangoing the night away in the Argentine changing room, Pablo Zabaleta could be found in the corner nursing his split lip from Dirk Kuyt's accidental kick to the chops.



Diving into a pool of tears

Arjen Robben's son last night discovered that his hair would go the same way as his old man and recede before the age of 21. The poor lad's night was then made even worse when Holland lost the penalty shoot-out.




The eyes have it

Be afraid, be very afraid - when Bruno Martins Indi plays mind games, he's not kidding around.

Thatch of the Day

Whoever told Rodrigo Palacio a rat's tail is a good look clearly doesn't like him very much.  

Anti-football van Gaal?

From cleverly using water breaks to his advantage, to putting in Tim Krul for the penalty shoot-out - a play, by the way, stolen from Emilio Estevez's Coach Bombay in the Mighty Ducks 2 movie - every move Louis van Gaal made at this World Cup have been lauded by the world's pundits. However, we think his conservative tactics last night were a little extreme...


Because she's worth it

Models get scouted in the strangest of places - and now the World Cup can be added to that list. 17-year-old Axelle Despiegelaere's face went viral after she was snapped supporting her beloved Belgium at the World Cup and she's since been offered a modelling contract with global beauty brand L'Oreal.

Axelle Despiegelaere was head-hunted at the World Cup

Canned laughter

When he accepted this pre-World Cup offer to advertise a well-known fizzy drink, Neymar might have borrowed the slogan from a rival brand…’what’s the worst that could happen?’ Er…


God on their side?

The final is going to be great isn't it? It's going to be Messi v Muller, Aguero v Klose and Pope Benedict XVI v Pope Francis.




Tears of a clown

He’s kept us entertained with his schoolboy pranks and fervent singing of the national anthem, but poor old David Luiz was an emotional wreck at the end of the Germany game. 

In this heart-wrenching interview (which may not quite be an exact translation) the defender admits he had to get forward as Fred was the only alternative, should have called a taxi for Maicon, but was grateful PSG had not yet found the receipt after wisely deciding to hand Chelsea £50m for his services

The gift that keeps on giving

Just when he thought it was safe to dip his toe back in the managerial waters, David Moyes was forced back into the shadows by this cruel tweet.