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Cleveland Cavaliers reveal their inner Arthur after New York Knicks win

Eastern conference side share social memes in the wake of their win over the New York Knicks

NBA 14/11/17 15:26
Cleveland Cavaliers reveal their inner Arthur after New York Knicks win

When LeBron James shared a meme of cartoon aardvark Arthur clenching a fist last week, it sent the NBA’s gossip mill into overdrive.

What was eating the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star man? Was it former team-mate Kyrie Irving starring for Boston or was it Eric Bledsoe signing for Milwaukee?


A post shared by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

James quickly laughed off the fallout and it seems that his team-mates are enjoying whatever the joke behind the meme was.

After turning around their early-season slump – including recovering from a 23-point deficit to win in New York on Monday – the Cavs all went a little Arthur…

First there was injured point guard Isaiah Thomas, who is close to a return to fitness…


A post shared by Isaiah Thomas (@isaiahthomas) on

Then came shooting guard Channing Frye…

Mood?….. #idontwannaleaveLJandITout

A post shared by Channing Frye (@channingfrye) on

Then James’ best friend, Dwyane Wade…

#Mood #LJChanningIT

A post shared by dwyanewade (@dwyanewade) on

And also Jeff Green…


A post shared by JG (@unclejg8) on

Whatever the meaning of James’ initial Arthur post, it seems the fictional character from Elwood City has got the Cavs moving in the right direction.

Can confirm: squad MOOD 💯

A post shared by Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) on

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