I said before Indianapolis I wanted to come into my home grand prix at Silverstone with a couple of good results and a new 2015 contract in my back pocket. I didn’t quite achieve all three but I’m so looking forward to the Hertz British Grand Prix after a very encouraging couple of weeks.

I knew I must finish at Indianapolis even if it was just a midway step by riding smart and getting a decent result. Sixth place just about fitted the bill. After signing my new contract I really wanted to step it up at Brno.

Qualifying in fourth place just five thousandths of a second from the front row and then a very encouraging morning warm – up really set me up but it was not to be. I didn’t come away with the result I was expecting because I’m sure I could have been fighting for fifth place which is our target in every race.

We as a team can only control what is in our hands but when it comes down to tyres there is nothing we can do. For the first couple of laps I was so engaged in the race in front of me with so much going on my mind didn’t concentrate on actually what was really happening.

Three laps in I knew that I had a problem. I tried everything I could to stop the rear wheel spinning by changing my lines going into deeper, going in later and trying to be smoother. I was more aggressive and even tried to sit on the back of the seat unit to find some grip but I was limited and decided just to be consistent. I saw team-mate Pol crash and to be honest I was also starting to lose the front end at some places.

It would have been easy to throw it down the road in frustration but if there is one thing I’ve learned from the last few weekends is to be patient and understand that sometimes in these situations gain experience and knowledge and bring the bike home.

Tech 3 Yamaha racer Bradley Smith blogs for BT Sport

Bridgestone do a great job 95% of the time and I was so unfortunate I had a problem with my rear tyre which was similar to the problem I had in Barcelona. Normally you are unlucky to get two a season and to get both in a race makes you particularly unlucky. After the great job in qualifying the morning warm–up went so well with a full fuel load and on a rear tyre that we had used in qualifying I felt solid as did the bike and I was getting faster and faster.

It's no good dwelling on it and unfortunately it seems to be the way my season has panned out but it certainly keeps me focused and ready for Silverstone. We have the pace to be achieving all those objectives and I could think of nowhere better than Silverstone to start showing just what we can do in the race. All the signs are there.

I found out about the 2015 contract after the race at Indy from Herve Poncharal. It certainly made the flight home extra special. I got a great night’s sleep and so obviously it had been a great weight on my mind which was lingering.

It made getting and training the next day so much easier and I arrived in Brno with a real spring in my step and loads of people congratulated me on the renewal and with my qualifying performance. A lot of people were pleased for me which made me feel upbeat even if ninth place was not the result we expected.

I’m busy on the build-up to Silverstone but I’m so looking forward to riding in front of my home crowd. It was not a great weekend for me last year and we learned a lot about riding a MotoGP bike round Silverstone. We arrive home with 12 months more experience and in a lot better position. Last year I was hoping I might squeeze a top ten finish but this year we arrive and can be confident that we are pushing for a top five.

Marc was unlucky with issues in the race and I suppose it was disappointing as a rider because he did not put a foot wrong and it was a technical problem preventing him setting the record of 11 straight wins at the beginning of the season.

It was good to see Dani get that victory and sums up exactly why HRC have given him a new contract. It was also great seeing two factory Yamahas on the podium and they are getting closer and closer. That first win of the year will come soon and could well happen at Silverstone.

I look forward to seeing you all there.