The UFC's number four ranked middleweight, Michael 'The Count' Bisping, faces a battle outside the Octagon before being allowed back in to continue his MMA career.

Bisping has been out of action due to a re-detached retina, and is close to a comeback.

But he told BT Sport's UFC magazine show Beyond the Octagon that he'll have his sight tested before UFC officials give him the green light to return to competition.

"I was cleared to fight by my doctor. My doctor wrote a letter to the UFC, clearing me 100%," he explained.

"The UFC very kindly offered me a fight against Tim Kennedy. No bout agreements are signed as yet, but unfortunately for me the UFC want to do some more testing to cover their side of things. They don't want anything to go wrong with my eye.

"So I've got to do a visual field test, that should be taking place pretty quickly, I'm assuming. I want to get it done ASAP and get this fight locked away. 

"I want to fight Tim Kennedy - I want to fight generally.  This is what I do and it's been far too long.

"I'm still waiting to speak to my doctor to find out when the actual appointment will be. But it will be some time while I'm here in England. 

"I'm going to go to Moorfields Eye Hospital, take the test and then I should know pretty quickly.

"This week there's been Tim Kennedy, Luke Rockhold, Costa Philippou, Cung Le and Mark Munoz, so as soon as I get cleared, I'm good to go. I've certainly got work to do!"