1. 10 nominees, who represent women who deserve recognition for their sporting achievements in the past year (2015), have been selected by BT Sport. This could be an actual sporting achievement or it could be for their contribution to sport. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. All nominees have agreed to these terms and conditions and to take part in the Competition.

2. The prize is the BT Sport Action Woman of the Year Award 2015.

3. The winner of the vote will be the nominee who receives the highest number of hashtag mentions between 11am on 05/11/15 and 11.59pm on 23/11/15.

4. The voting is one Tweet per Twitter handle between the voting time periods listed above. No automatic, programmed, robotic or similar means of voting are permitted. Participants who do not comply with these Terms and Conditions, or who attempt to interfere with the voting process or the operation of the Site in any way will be disqualified and their votes will not be counted. BT reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend voting should any virus, bug, non-authorized human intervention, fraud or other causes beyond its reasonable control corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness or proper conduct of the voting process. All decisions regarding the voting process shall be final and shall not be subject to challenge or appeal.

5. During the Twitter voting stage, registered users of Twitter may vote for the nominee(s) from the shortlist of 10 that they wish to win the Award. The nominee who receives the most hashtag mentions during the Twitter voting stage will win the Award.

6. In order to submit your vote via Twitter, log into your Twitter account and “Tweet” the designated hashtag #AWEnnis, #AWLionesses, #AWAdams,#AWOxford, #AWAtherton, #AWOuten, #AWHockey, #AWHermitage, #AWKonta, #AWArmitstead that corresponds to your chosen nominee. For the avoidance of doubt, if there are any discrepancies between the hashtags announced on social media and the hashtags listed in this clause, the hashtags listed in this clause shall take precedence.

7. You are allowed one Tweet per Twitter handle, however you can include more than one nominee in that Tweet by Tweeting up to all ten hashtags. If multiple hashtags are included in one Tweet, a space must be included between each hashtag; if no space is included, the Tweeted hashtags that are not correctly spaced will not be counted. Votes will not be accepted where hashtags are misspelt, abbreviated, lengthened or differ in any way from the designated hashtags.

8. ReTweets and replies will be disregarded.

9. If your Tweet is deleted before the voting period ends, your Tweet will still be counted. Only public Tweets will be counted.

10. There is no charge for submitting your vote via Twitter although internet service provider’s fees may apply when accessing the internet. Please ask permission of the internet account holder.

11. In the event of the Action Woman Twitter vote failing to yield a clear winner for any reason, be that technical (e.g. the voting mechanic fails) or in the event of a tie, BT will select a winner/winners for this year’s Action Woman Awards. The process for selecting a winner is as follows:

(a) In the event of a voting mechanic failure, or similar event affecting all nominees, a three-person panel comprised of Simon Green (head of BT Sport), Clare Balding and Anne Keothavong will convene on or before Thursday November 26. The panel will then discuss and decide a winner. In the event that the three members are unable to agree, the casting vote will go to Clare Balding. The criteria for selecting a winner will be as follows:

*Biggest social impact in 2015 *Historical significance of their achievement *Physical prowess *Mental toughness *Ability to inspire

(b) In the event of a tie, the panel will decide whether to select a winner from the tied nominees, or whether the prize should be shared.

(c) The panel meeting will take place at the BT Sport studios and will be minuted for record. A representative from BT Compliance will attend the meeting.

12. If you are found to be using multiple Twitter accounts to vote, your votes may be discounted.

13. You must comply with Twitter terms and conditions available at https://twitter.com/tos.

14. The winner will be announced at the BT Sport Action Woman of the Year Awards ceremony at BT Sport studios on 01/12/15 (TX 01/12/15). The award will be presented to the winner on 01/12/15 (TX 01/12/15) by Clare Balding.

15. By participating in this Competition all nominees agree that their image, biography and likeness (if applicable) may be used by the Promoter in unpaid promotional related publicity (including photographic shots and interviews).

16. Participants’ personal details will not be retained for the purpose of the Competition and will not be processed for any other purpose, unless they choose or have chosen to receive information from the Promoter.

17. This promotion is governed by the laws of England and Wales. The Promoter is British Telecommunications plc, 81 Newgate Street London EC1A