Maria Sharapova has hinted that the rift with Serena Williams and her coach Patrick Mouratoglou may never heal.

Sharapova slipped to a 17th consecutive defeat to rival Williams in Thursday's Wimbledon semi-final, then addressed Mouratoglou branding Belarus' Victoria Azarenka the "much better" player.

Williams appeared to brand Grigor Dimitrov "the guy with the black heart" two years ago, leading Sharapova to hit out at the American's then-relationship with her coach.

Sharapova hit back at Williams in 2013, saying: "If she wants to talk about something personal, maybe she should talk about her relationship and her boyfriend that was married and is getting a divorce and has kids".

Now the 28-year-old, fresh from a 6-2 6-4 submission to Williams, has dismissed Mouratoglou labelling Azarenka as superior by suggesting that feud could never end.

"I don't think you're ever going to hear nice words from him about me," said Sharapova when asked for a riposte to Mouratoglou's comments.

"I don't expect that and I'm sure you don't either."

When asked why, Sharapova replied: "I'm sure you know. You don't need to ask me that."

Williams' "black heart" comment came after her relationship with Dimitrov broke down, and also included criticism of Sharapova.

Bulgarian Dimitrov has since gone on to forge a long-term relationship with Sharapova, while Williams was together with Mouratoglou.

Top Wimbledon seed Williams is now rumoured to be together with rapper Drake, who has been on hand at SW19 to offer moral support.

Mouratoglou remains the 20-time major champion's coach though, with the pair forging a working partnership that is the scourge of the rest of the women's field.

Williams has won seven of the 12 grand slams under Mouratoglou's tutelage, and is in line to add an eighth at Wimbledon.

Ahead of Williams' semi-final clash with Sharapova, Mouratoglou told the New York Times there was "no discussion" the Russian now trails former world number one Azarenka.

"For me, Azarenka is much better than Sharapova," said Mouratoglou.

"There is no discussion. Sharapova is a great champion.

"She has great qualities; fights in an amazing and extraordinary mental strength. But at some point, her level of play reaches the limit."